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What to Expect

First Visit

When arriving for your first appointment you will need to complete some brief paper work. This will include your personal and medical aid details, as well as consent for treatment. 

Please arrive 10-15mins prior to your first consultation.


Once the paperwork has been completed, the consultation will take place. This will include a medical history where specific questions are asked to gain information about your condition. Following the history, an examination of the relevant area will take place. 

If you require further investigations such as x-rays, you will be referred to an imaging facility. Treatment will then be postponed until the x-ray results are back. 


Once the medical history and examination is completed, a treatment plan specific to you will be discussed. Treatment will then begin immediately. Follow up visits may be required based on your specific condition.

If we feel that your condition requires treatment from a different healthcare professional such as a GP or Specialist then you will be referred to the relevant healthcare professional. Appointments where treatment does not take place will not be charged.   

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