What can a Chiropractor do for you?

What is chiropractic?

The focus of Chiropractic is the functionality of the nervous system. Your spinal bones protect your spinal cord and nerves. These nerves control every cell, tissue and organ in your body! Your nervous system is the master controller, and works like a switchboard sending messages to the brain and the rest of the body. A wide range of factors cause the joints of your spine to become irritated and stiff. This then irritates the adjacent nerves. Once your spinal nerves are free of interference and irritation your body works at its best, self-healing & self-regulating. Interference and stiffness to the joints of the spine are called subluxations.

Can I adjust myself?

No. Damage can occur when any joint is forced to "click", especially if you have weakened muscles & ligaments. Chiropractic is the only health profession in the world that trains Doctors to detect & correct subluxations. Just like you, I also need to be adjusted by a colleague.

How safe is chiropractic?

It has been proven to more than 200 times safer than over the counter anti-inflammatories. There are over 100 different gentle, scientific techniques. Leaving irritated nerves unattended is a hazard to your health.

When should I get checked?

Subluxation may begin at birth, YIKES! Waiting for symptoms of subluxation to become apparent can be like waiting for your teeth to rot before you visit the dentist. The nervous system only dedicates about 2-10% to feeling. Its main role is to control the functioning of your body. An example of this is that the nerves that give you pain in your arms also supply functionality to your heart and lungs. Visit http://demo.chiromatrix.com/3d_spine/nerve_chart/index.htm for more examples.

Is it too early for my child to be checked by a chiropractor?

Not at all! The early detection of problems is very important. This increases the chances of issues being corrected, which helps facilitate a lifetime of optimal health. “As the twig is bent, so the tree grows”. Bumps, falls, jumping & even carrying school bags, may all impact your child’s development.

How many adjustments will I need?

This varies depending on the severity as well as how long the condition has been left unattended. Most people report progress within one or two weeks of adjustments. As stress is released from the joints and nerves in the spine, visits become less frequent. Complete healing can take several months or even years. It’s important to note that sometimes attaining 100% relief is not possible. In these cases we strive to prevent the progression of the condition.

How do subluxations occur?

Physical causes such as bumps, falls, accidents & the birthing process (especially caesarean babies). Chemical causes such and drugs, medications. Emotional causes such as negative thoughts and stress.

What about babies, children & pregnant women?

Adjustments may be as gentle as pressing lightly on your eyeball.  On-going research ensures that you and your family receive the most up to date Chiropractic care & education.

How educated is my doctor of chiropractic?

I have completed a 6 year Masters degree in Chiropractic. I have been involved in lecturing Chiropractic students for over 5 years.

Why do I need more than one treatment?

Pain phase

The objective of Chiropractic is to normalize the structure of the spinal joints and optimize nerve function. Our spinal joints are designed to lubricate themselves. Injury and ageing causes this process to become lazy over time. Adjustments aim to restore this lubrication process and decreases stiffness of the spinal joints, which decreases irritation  of the spinal nerves. This promotes healing and relief form pain as well as stopping or reversing spinal degeneration. It is not an instant fix, it takes time, and sometimes this can be frustrating especially in patients with lots of pain. However, if you persist with treatment and make progress you will pass through the PAIN PHASE of spinal correction. In patients with severe pain we often recommend taking pain medication until you begin to move out of the PAIN or SYMPTOM PHASE. From here you move into the corrective, and then maintenance phase.

Corrective phase

Once the pain begins to decrease you enter the CORRECTIVE PHASE of spinal care. This is where we restore functionality of the spinal joints and nerves as much as possible. The more functionality we can gain the stronger and more stable your spine will become. This makes your spine resistant to a return of the problems which originally put you into the pain phase. Best results are achieved with 3 treatments a week for most conditions.

Maintenance care

Next we enter the last phase of spinal correction, namely MAINTENANCE CARE. Once I have restored normal functionality as much as possible we then need to maintain that correction. See it as looking after the investment you have made in your body. This means I will need to see you once in a while on far less frequent basis. The longer a corrected spine is maintained the stronger the spine gets. The frequency of MAINTENANCE CARE is dependent on your age and the condition of the spine. Once per month is about the average though.

I want to stress that my goal is not merely to relieve your pain but to restore the function and integrity of spine and nervous system and prevent degeneration or continued degeneration in your joints. This takes more time than just taking a pill for symptomatic pain relief, however, a successful treatment of the causes has of course and longer lasting effect. The length of time needed for structural correction of a joint varies greatly depending on your age, vitality, medical history, and general condition of your spine.

Working together, and with your understanding, we can achieve lasting improvement in your health and wellness.


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